Blockchain Professionals MeetUp

We hosted an evening of networking and key learnings around two of the latest blockchain financial markets applications built in collaboration with KPMG.


Last night we hosted an evening of networking and key learnings around two of the latest blockchain projects built in collaboration with KPMG. In the meetup, Laszlo Peters, KPMG Origins’ CEO introduced Gokulnath Reddy (KPMG Origins) and Dennis Hoenig (ASX Synfini) to showcase two separate use cases for blockchain in supply chains and financial markets, built in Australia over the past 3 years. 

KPMG Origins ecosystem approach enables seamless connectivity between trading ecosystem participants to share standardised and trusted data using blockchain technology. Gokulnath Readdy and Laszlo Peter presented KPMG Origins and the lessons learnt in building a commercial Blockchain technology product, including:

  1. Developing distributed ecosystems, the challenges beyond the tech;
  2. Lessons learnt from different ledger stack, from Solidity to DAML and the in-between;
  3. Key takeaways on building scalable blockchain applications.

Synfini, ASX’s DLT as a Service, is reshaping the way in which businesses operate, innovate, and collaborate. They are removing intra-company and inter-company trust barriers by empowering organisations to work together to create new digital business processes and share “need-to-know’ ledger data with permissioned parties in the workflow.  Dennis Hoenig, Advisor at Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) Solutions, will share insight and an overview on:

  1. Synfini - ASX’s Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) as a Service
  2. Exploring the risks and benefits of using Blockchain 
  3. Insights on the road to digital currency and next gen payments 

Reach out to marketing@kpmgorigins.com to learn more and connect with our partners.

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