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What is the Building Trustworthy Indicator?

Learn more about what the KPMG Origins BTI is, in more simple terms.


We recently collaborated with Kanebridge Media for a paid advertorial piece to explain in more practical terms, what the KPMG Origins Building Trustworthy Indicator is and how it aims to help improve trust in the construction industry.

Below is a summary of the key points of the article, which can be found here.


  • What the KPMG Origins Building Trustworthy Indicator or BTI  is and how it aims to bring trust and transparency back to the construction industry.

  • How the KPMG Origins BTI came about, it's benefits and how developers can access it.

  • A summary of the 4 different BTI scores for residential apartment development projects and their definitions.
    • Trustworthy As Designed
    • 3 Start BTI - Trustworthy as Built
    • 4 Star BTI - Leading as Built
    • 5 Star BTI - Benchmark as Built

  • Where BTI sits in the broader NSW Construction Industry reforms and what the future holds as insurance and financiers start to take an interest in these tools.

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