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Infrastructure NSW releases  Digitalisation Roadmap

Infrastructure NSW Digitalisation Roadmap mentions the KPMG Origins Building Trustworthy Indicator as a leading infrastructure technology product.


Infrastructure NSW released their Digitalisation Roadmap in November 2022 which mentioned the KPMG Origins Building Trustworthy Indicator as one of the leading infrastructure technology products for creating 'building DNA'.

The NSW Roadmap for digitalising planning, design, construction and operation of infrastructure sets out the NSW Government’s approach to driving widespread adoption and application of digital technologies throughout the infrastructure lifecycle.

While there is a strong appetite and an increasing number of initiatives being rolled out across NSW Government agencies to digitalise infrastructure, more work is needed to drive alignment and harmonisation.

A key objective of the Roadmap is to establish a strategic framework for NSW Government working towards a ‘digital by default’ approach to how our infrastructure assets are planned, designed, built, operated.

Go to the NSW website to download the PDF or click the connect button below to learn more about how our digital infrastructure solutions can help your organisation on the digital technology journey.




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