Usability Testing

This round of industry engagement was focused on usability testing.

Friday 23 June 2023


This round of industry engagement was focused on usability testing. The project team conducted five 1:1 sessions this round to capture feedback on the how the system is used, and any other feedback.  

Key Takeaways From 1:1 Sessions: 

  • Overall, we received positive user feedback:
    • Simple/easy/quick navigation
    • Flexible and easy to edit information
    • View toggles easy to use and interact with
    • Prepopulated data reduces time
    • All in one view of ‘Movement List’ and ‘Movement Summary’ screen has high appeal and streamlines workflow 
  • Designs helped users to visualise new process and share where it can be tailored further to improve their user experience
  • On each screen, feedback was provided on the ease of use and data entry. Below are the key areas for improvements:
    • Naming conventions can be improved on buttons, field names and statuses
    • Auto populating some data fields can make data entry easier
    • Filtering to make it easier to find movements
    • Ability to see most frequently used items at the top
    • Ability to automatically calculate the weight from the quantities
    • Ability to support multiple tyre types
    • Additional data options
    • Clarifying mandatory/optional fields
  • Other mentions:
    • In-situ use
    • Scheduled movements
    • Carrying information across forms
    • Allocating truck drivers
    • Error messaging
    • Accountability on form completion
    • Generators entering incorrect information 
    • Limited knowledge of operators
    • Waste quantities
    • Compliance reporting
    • Operator trading/legal names
    • Waste/weight discrepancy 

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