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IWTS Updates


Waste Fees & Levies – Prototype

In this industry engagement session, KPMG Origins covered the QLD Waste Tracking Fee screens as well as providing a demo of the IWTS screens...


Waste Fees & Levies – Requirements

The fourth round of industry engagement is focused on understanding and facilitating the calculation, reconciliation and payment of waste levies and...


Duplicating Movements and Transporting Waste

In this industry engagement session, we covered how to duplicate waste movements and the transporter workflow of picking up and dropping off waste...


Movements Pickup/Dropoff Requirements

The second round of industry engagement is focussed on the process of updating movements with pick-up and drop off details.


Industry Engagement Group Kickoff

The kick-off session focussed on sharing the key focus of the project with the participants as well as the planned industry engagement approach.